Suzanne Ardagh


Suzanne is a professional director and management executive with extensive international experience over 30 years. Her career has spanned diplomacy, corporate affairs, tertiary education and professional associations. She has lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and most recently in South East Asia. Prior to joining Lester Blades, Suzanne was a senior executive with the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). During her time at ACID she was responsible for setting up the International Division and prior to that role the WA Division Manager of AI.

Suzanne has served on both International and national boards in women's development, medical research, commerce, international development, membership associations elite sport and the Arts.

“There is a generational shift occurring in our Boardrooms and it's a pivotal time for the Director community. The exponential speed of change means Boards and governing bodies needs to be agile, adaptable and constantly evolving. We are all being challenged by the new world order and contemporary Directors must bring to the board table a suite of new skills such as digital literacy, transformational awareness, customer insights, diversity and inclusion”