Over recent months the team at Lester Blades has been having conversations with sustainability professionals (both candidates and clients) about how to make ESG real in terms of developing capability. To start down the path towards net zero is a venture that uniquely combines human endeavour and technology.

Most organisations from small to large face this mammoth transformation project with the simple questions like, ‘What are we going to do?” and “How are we going to do this?”. This in turn leads to a workforce planning debate around developing in-house capability, outsourcing to consultants or a hybrid approach.

Once we acknowledge that sustainability needs to be reflected in the corporate strategy we can all move forward, and focus on our actions. The sustainability professionals we have spoken with have shared with us that this journey is possible by taking small steps and that scale can be achieved by looking across supply chains, pooling resources and creating partnerships.

These talented individuals describe their everyday challenge chasing moving targets whilst striving to create value in multiple directions. Everyone is grappling to understand and improve, and we are heartened to hear their very clever ideas in recent interviews. Science, data and people are the magic combination likely to unlock the cleverness we need to create a sustainable future. These talented individuals are helping our clients to start the journey we all need to finish.

Please reach out to Lester Blades Partner, Tina Jackson, if your business needs to connect with these green collared professionals. tina@lesterblades.com.au +61 8 9221 0744