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Lester Blades Recruitment Services

The Lester Blades difference in the services we provide is in our approach and execution.

Standard practice can be exactly that… standard. By applying both creative and strategic thinking to the assignments we manage we are able to achieve results that others cannot.

Executive Recruitment

It is our experience that highly successful executives are not usually active job seekers, rather they are the sort of people who are focused and committed to whatever role they are currently fulfilling.

Non-Executive Director

We use the same due diligence that we do to a CEO or Executive Director appointment in assisting Chairs of BOards to get the right person for their organization.

Government Recruiting

We have filled positions in Central Agencies, Regulatory Agencies, Government Trading Enterprises and others including Justice, Tourism, Local Government, and Mines & Petroleum.

Interim Management

Typical scenarios include utilising highly experienced executives whilst searching for a new executive, providing cover for longer-term absences, or staffing key projects.

Not-for-Profit Recruiting

We understand the constraints of the Not-for-Profit & Community sector after working with various boards to help them get the right individual for their organization.

Remuneration Reviews

We offer Remuneration Reviews as a discrete service for employers looking for objective and independent advice on how much they should be remunerating key executives.